• Dana Angela-Alexis Miller

Women Empowerment: The Treat Box Dessert Bar and Cafe

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

We are ecstatic to highlight companies founded, run, led, and operated by women, particularly women of color. Rather than waiting for Women's History Month and Black History Month to commemorate and celebrate black female-run companies, we can and should be supporting them now. We hope our Women Empowerment segment educates, inspires, motivates, and empowers determined and ambitious black and brown entrepreneurial women.

Recently I visited The Treat Box Dessert Bar and Cafe founded and operated by the Dessert Stylist, Nashirah Davis. When you arrive at this amazing establishment, you are greeted with bold exterior and interior hues of pink, stylish and fashionable flair, innovative design concepts, and of course, a heavenly aroma of delicious treats and sweets. Nashirah opened The Treat Box in 2018 in Philadelphia, where she bakes and creates creative and tasty desserts that are reasonably priced. It also serves as an event space for local artists and entertainers to host events.

After a long and exhausting week of work, working out, whipping up healthy dinners, and making business moves, you deserve to treat yourself to something delicious. The Treat Box offers cupcakes, cake pops, dipped pretzels, doughnuts, funnel cake, classic shakes, crazy shakes (which include mix-in toppings, with icing, drizzles, and candy decorations) coffee, iced teas, a variety of lemonades, and so much more! They also offer a catering menu. One of my favorite cupcakes is the confetti, which is one of their signature flavors. Below are some of The Treat Box's scrumptious and delectable treats. Make sure you check out the their Instagram Page!

-By Dana Angela-Alexis Miller

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