Women Empowerment: Tai Beauchamp

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Tai Beauchamp the beautiful, entrepreneur , media personality, and style influencer, Hailing from New Jersey. Tai who was raised by a single mom, often sites her mother for being her greatest inspiration. She attended Spelman College where she completed her Bachelor's of Arts with English Literature degree. She would follow-up with a degree from New York University in television production.

Tai went on to achieve ground breaking moments in history becoming the youngest and the first African American woman beauty and fitness director at Seventeen Magazine. She has proven to be a force in fashion, beauty, and media as an editor for publications including Harper's Bazaar and O Magazine just to name a few. Gracing the stage during an array of Award shows as both a host & presenter, her larger than life personality paired with her amazingly stylish ensembles makes her star power unique and undeniable.

As an advocate for women empowerment particularly African American women, Tai speaks out about social injustices as well as empowering women to care, nurture, and be in control of their lives. She was recently a key speaker for The State of Black Women at Google where she spoke about what it means and requires to build a legacy as blackwomen.

During these times when women empowerment can quite honestly come off as a gimmick or catch phrase Tai embodies the term even advocating alongside other women for health&fitness, often posting pictures of herself training at the gym, hiking in nature, etc. She shares spiritual quotes and books with her ig followers to help people who may be facing adversity. A true role model empowering the next generation to dream big, practice kindness, and be women of excellence. In 2020 she is launching a MasterClass titled Beyond Ready to help women build out their vision spiritually, and professionally. Tai Beauchamp we salute you Empress.

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