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Women Empowerment: Jenea Robinson, Owner of Marsh + Mane

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

In the black beauty industry, there has been a major shift in product development and care. In fact, natural hair products and natural beauty products have become increasingly popular over the past few years. We are now even seeing more women of color rocking gorgeous natural hairstyles, including beautiful box braids, bouncy wash and go's, stylish Bantu knots, full afros, and elegant natural updos.

This week we are highlighting Jenea Robinson, owner of Marsh +Mane. It is a new natural hair and lifestyle boutique in South Philadelphia that carries a majority of black-owned brands. Marsh + Mane is a boutique where men and women of color can purchase shampoo and conditioners, hair creams, shea butters, skincare, gift items, bath and body products, lotions, bath soaps, plant-based feminine care, and beard care. They have a plethora of products from natural brands, including Mielle Organics, Shea Moisture, ECCO, Curls, Honey Baby Naturals, Plant Apothecary, and many more.

When you arrive at this incredible establishment, you are greeted with a gorgeous and inviting Southern-inspired space with rustic decor, dark floors, wooden shelves, a minty green wall, and an eye-catching art piece hanging from their ceiling that is made out of moss, cotton, and grass. Marsh + Mane's name was derived and inspired when Jenea and her family drove through marshy swamplands to get to their great-grandmother's house in Longwood, North Carolina. You can feel that entire essence when shopping. Additionally, Marsh + Mane also has amazing beauty and self-care workshops and events, such as hair twist out workshops, skincare workshops, yoga and self massages, headwrap workshops, and meditation. Jenea Robinson is truly inspiring, not only for creating a calm and welcoming space where you can sit, relax, and shop, but also for encouraging self-care, wellness, and healthy habits. It is an inspiring place for women of color. Marsh + Mane is open Monday-Saturday from 12n-7pm. They also recently launched their online store. Make sure you follow them on Instagram and check out their website!

By Dana Angela-Alexis Miller

Jenea Robinson with her Marsh + Mane team

Inside of Marsh + Mane / Photographed by Heather Khalifa

Photographed by Journey to Courtney

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