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Women Empowerment: Blew Kind, Owner of Franny Lou's Porch

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Women Empowerment Franny Lou's Porch
Photographed by J. Fusco featuring Blew Kind

In recent years, there has been an emerging trend of not only eating healthy but local and organic. When eating organic, you reduce and avoid most synthetic materials, such as pesticides and antibiotics. Eating local foods supports the local economy, has more nutrients, and promotes a safer food supply. Good nutrition is essential to being healthy. Indigo Blue Style embraces and encourages clean eating and an overall healthy lifestyle.

This week we are highlighting Franny Lou's Porch, owned by Brittany Lewis. Anyone who knows her, calls her Blew Kind. Franny Lou's Porch, named in honor of Frances E. W. Harper and Frannie Lou Hamer, is a cozy, warm, plant-filled cafe located in East Kensington, a Philadelphia neighborhood. It is a place that engages in community activism, cultural awareness, relational business practices, advocacy, and space for rest. Franny Lou's Porch states, "We are a window and catalyst for the black community as well as marginalized people." Blew wanted an intentional place to encourage people who want to be healthy, simple, and aware. They are known for serving local, freshly made, and organic selections made with love. Just to name a few, Franny Lou's Porch offers local blend teas named after Frances E.W. Harper's poems, iced beverages, smoothies, natural and organic sweeteners, salad, bagels and spreads, pastries, and sandwiches. We guarantee that you will love these locally and freshly made options. Additionally, they offer a catering menu. They also have various monthly events, where you can enjoy meditation, black business tea hour, open mic, workshops, readings, and wellness discussions. We admire Blew not only for opening an amazingly healthy and delicious cafe but also for having a community space of love. Make sure you follow Franny Lou's Porch on Instagram and check out their website.

By Dana Angela-Alexis Miller

Hibiscus Almond Seltzer at Franny Lou's Porch
Hibiscus Almond Seltzer by Ashley Davis

Botanical Lemonades
Botanical Lemonades/Photo Courtesy by Franny Lou's Porch

Healthy Catering
Photo Courtesy by Franny Lou's Porch

Vegan Iced Chai
Vegan Iced Chai/ Photo Courtesy by Franny Lou's Porch

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