• Nikita Shah

White - from home

How does the Italian branch of the biggest fashion magazine in the world, go without a glossy fashion forward imagery. I am talking about the April cover of Vogue Italia. It is white, no image.

Editor in chief Emanuele Farneti says “White is, first and foremost, respect. White is rebirth, light after the darkness, the sum of all the colors. White is the uniforms of those who have saved lives while risking their own. It’s time and space for thinking. And for staying silent too. White is for people who are filling this time and space with ideas, thoughts, stories, verses, music and kindness to others. It’s a reminder that after the crisis in 1929, clothes turned white, a color chosen to express purity in the present and hope for the future. And above all, white is not surrender; it’s a blank page to be filled, the frontispiece of a new story about to begin.”

Vogue Portugal also ditched the glossy image for a Bibiana Baltovicova and Adam Bardy kissing while wearing surgical masks and stating our freedom is on hold. Though this cover received harsh criticism , the imagery is beautiful and definitely makes us question being able to freely move.

And closer home in India the Cosmopolitan magazine was the first ever work-from-home edition; which is digital and comprises of interviews, short stories, videos by their contributors from them homes. In fact the cover is also a work-from-home by actor Sobhita Dhulipala where she has styled, directed and shot herself. There are no large sets or teams, but the way she really is.

And isn’t that what we need, a change, a blank slate and an opportunity to change the way we work and live. The change has begun and we hope it leads us to a better world.

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