When You Go Met!

Rei Kawakubo COMME DES GARÇONS art of the In-Between Exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum. A few days ago we watched A list Celebrities don beautiful ensembles by COMME DES GARÇONS to the Gala of all Galas the MET GALA! Yesterday I took it a step farther then viewing the work via internet when my partner and I went to the Museum to view the COMME DES GARÇONS Exhibition! I struggle to put the level of creative genius into words so I won't even attempt to. The Experience was a reminder that the box that we often tell people to think outside of does not even exist. There is no box ! Creativity will outlive us all and that is a fact . Art is something we should cherish, we should aspire to use our creativity as if the world does not exist just us and the vision. While I was there I looked up to the sky and there I saw stunning displays of fashion art ! I sincerely appreciated Rei Kawakubo's no limit no boundaries approach challenging us to look up or miss the total vision. Lesson learned I shall continue to keep my head to the sky. Again I will not attempt to articulate the display of art but i will gift you with some photos I captured . At the end of life all we are is a collection of memories. I thank God for this experience. Special thanks to Erik Honesty designer of Cultured Couture for gifting me with this surprise experience. ​Stay tuned .

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