• Solange McKenzie

Valentino: Diary Collection

Valentino, 2020

Valentino recently released their Diary Collection for 2021. The concept behind the collection is poetically named as it is intended to be a dialogue about expressing emotion unapologetically. Valentino is known for its flowers, bows, studs and use of leather and straw textiles which are seen throughout the collection accessories to give purses, sneakers, and sandals a feminine touch. As for the garments, they themselves embody femininity without restricting the body and allowing it to flow freely. Their tunics, capes and trousers "rest delicately on the body as if barely there".

Valentino, 2020

What also makes this collection super special is that Valentino designer, Pierpaolo Piccioli, shot the photographs himself in his home. Typically there is a whole production team behind these campaigns so for the designer himself to take on the role of photographer further speaks to the beauty of the collection especially one that centers around communicating emotions. Piccioli gets to really communicate his vision and see it through to the end, almost as if the collection were his own personal diary.

What are some of you favorite pieces from the collection? Let us know in the comments!

-Solange McKenzie

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