Trending Colors for fall 2020

Lemaire FW/2020-21

All black everything was all over the runway. Head to toe black. This is a trend that is always timeless and classic load up on black for your wardrobe and we promise you’ll always be able to pull out those pieces for years to come. The best part is that black works for just about all occasions so it can be styled for street wear or formal.

Lemaire FW/2020-2021

Earth Tones and Brown is another trending color for fall 2020. This trend is also a classic that Will continue to resurface for years to come.

Bella Hadid Wearing Vivienne Westwood

Trending Pink ! Okay so let’s take it to the streets , no matter how you feel about pink it’s a color that is usually associated with the girly girl however in this Photo it’s a perfect mix of pretty and grunge street style. Bella Hadid wearing Vivienne Westwood shirt & blazer Highwaist Jeans and Prada Boots

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