• Solange McKenzie

Trend Alert: Sheer Elements

Updated: Feb 29, 2020


Hey hey hey Indigo Blue Stylers! This weeks trend lets you see right through it! We are talking about Sheer Elements. Designers like Valentino, Chanel, Alexander McQueen, Mugler, and Louis Vuitton have added this element to their collections in the best way! And I must say Valentino takes the cake for KILLING this trend the best! First of all, I love a sheer moment because lets face it, during these warmer months (and even this Fall) it's the perfect way to be stylish and stay cool yet still feel covered. Secondly, it's also a fun way to show what you want, and keep what you don't want concealed. And Lastly, it fun to layer with! Valentino hit all of those checkpoints when coming up with this collection.

Check back with us tomorrow for ways you can add sheer elements into your closet!

-Solange McKenzie



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