Trend Alert: Holiday Velvet

Saint Laurent

Saint Lauent

Hey Indigo Blue Stylers, the holiday's are coming up and we know you are looking for a trend to sport at your holiday parties, don't worry we got you! For this holiday season, we recommend, VELVET! The soft, smooth texture is guaranteed to bring people close to you. Why else do you think brands like Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Comme Des Garçon and Fendi have included them in their latest collections. Plus, it can keep you warm during this cold season. I mean come on, you CANNOT get any better than being stylish AND warm! It's the best! And on top of that, there are soooooo many ways you can wear velvet without it looking tacky, but check back in with us tomorrow to get tips on how to do that


-Solange McKenzie

Saint Laurent


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