• Solange McKenzie

Trend Alert: Go With the Flow


Happy Tuesday Indigo Blue Stylers! This week we are just going with the flow of things...... get it? because our trend is Go With the Flow. Daylight savings just passed which not only means it's lighter out for longer, but it also means that Spring is almost here. So lets get prepared to bust out our best flowing looks since Spring is absolutely perfect for them.


We’ve got designers like Dior, Ami, Escada and Fendi who have created some flowy looks for some of their recent collections. They've used the typical flowing materials and some unexpected materials too. None-the-less they are all eye catching and perfect for turning heads this spring and summer! So be on the look out for any garment what will perfectly catch the wind and you glide on by.


Have a trend you want us to talk about? Tell us in the comments. Make sure you come back tomorrow to see how you can style this trend for everyday wear.

-Solange McKenzie

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