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Trend Alert: Color Stories

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Christopher John Rogers

Hey Indigo Blue Stylers! Are you enjoying NYFW? because I sure am! There are so many great shows happening and our team has been out there catching video to share with you all over on Instagram. BUT one designers show struck a cord with us and inspired this weeks trend: Color Stories. So we all know about color blocking and monochromatic looks, but color stories plays with color by mixing, matching, blocking and blending two or three colors into your look. Christopher John Rogers gave us JUST that!

Christopher John Rogers

First off, if you don't know Brooklyn born, Christopher John Rogers... well you should! He designed Present Past First Lady Michelle Obama's suit for the final day of her Becoming Book tour in Nashville, Tennessee. AND even before that Cardi B sported a coat from one of his collections back in 2017 to the BET Awards.

While he had monochromatic looks in almost every color on the spectrum, he incorporated some looks that seamlessly blended one color into the next. When you watch the flood of models you can see the gradual change from each color through the use of color stories. This attention to detail pulled his entire collection together and it didn't feel "random" at all. Viewers could see the intention and care he put into this collection. Check out the video above.

Christopher John Rogers

Have a trend you want us to talk about? Tell us in the comments. Make sure you come back tomorrow to see how you can style this trend for everyday wear.

Christopher John Rogers

-Solange McKenzie

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