The Indigo Blue Empowerment Conversations Podcast has Returned

After the success of Season 1 of our International Podcast Hosted by CEO Keiana Armani. We are excited to kick off season 2 of the Podcast.

This season we felt it was imperative to show unity between the Empresses and Emperors especially during these times of uncertainty.

There must be a shift in the narrative in regards to the relationship between men and women especially in the black community. Women must be uplifted and empowered by not only other women but men as well.

Episode 1 of Season 2 Features Alabama’s Own Musician/Artist and Entrepreneur Trealetic. He has been involved in music since he was in junior high starting from writing poetry winning multiple poetry contest. Trealetic is also a independent film maker and entrepreneur. He has a vision to promote true artistry that uplifts his community. Coming from humble beginnings he found a way early on to see his visions come to life even when resources were scarce. Tune in as he gets REAL about coming up in the South and making his way. Trealetic has a vision to inspire and empower through his music. His thought provoking new hit single (Ike’s Turn) Tackles the issue of domestic violence while Empowering women. Follow Trealetic on all social media platforms @trealeticmind

Full Episode Streaming now on All platforms click here to subscribe to the International Indigo Blue Empowerment Conversations Podcast now

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