The heart of Haute

Why are the first’s celebrated, and so important?

Its because you never know just when something is going to be a last..

And so it was with two designers at Paris Fashion Week couture 2020.

While, it was jubilance for Indian Designer Rahul Mishra. It was his first time showcasing at Couture Week, getting India back into the world of haute couture. Mishra has showcased his Ready to wear at Paris a few seasons, but to get Indian craftsmanship to the zenith of haute couture is a landmark. He found inspiration In the jungle scenes of Henri Rousseau, the most famous of the naïfs and created dimensional scenes through all the accumulation of individual embroideries. He sustained over 5000 artisans to create this collection, and if that’s not the heart of haute couture then what is?

Rahul Mishra SS'20

Rahul Mishra SS'20 Work in Process

And Jean Paul Gaultier gave us the answer to that, in his last show which was so grand that it befit his 50 years of genius. The over 200 garments that walked down the runways, was a celebration of all the values that this unique designer has embodied in his work through five decades of imagination, humor, humanity, and joy. Who knew that it would be the last...

Jean Paul Gaultier SS'20

Jean Paul Gaultier SS'20

Since his first show in 1976, he has shown pan-generational models of all sizes, genders, and ethnicities on his runway, because they reflected the real-life people on the streets who inspired his style. His clothes have just not been beautiful, but also conversationalist; one’s that questioned the mishaps.

Gaultier's cone bra is emblematic of much of his design ethos: controversial, gender-inquisitive and humorous.
Jean Paul Gaultier AW'84

Jean Paul Gaultier, 1992

And aren’t these the conversations we are having today—about issues such as diversity, gender fluidity, feminism, recycling, and sustainability. And if haute couture isn’t about foreseeing and raising questions in the world, then what is?

-Nikita Shah

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