• Nikita Shah

The Hands That Create Art

Updated: May 8, 2020

In the pandemic stricken world that we are living, the industry is leading to the direction of sustainability and heritage in the biggest wave. And while we anticipate the wave of change, there have been a handful designers who have initiated the movement.

Mimi Prober

One such name, is Mimi Prober. A Fashion Institute of Technology graduate, she translates her personal and professional passions into pioneering sustainability in the industry through preservation and process within her signature collection. She uses fragments of antique materials that date back to the 18th to early 20th centuries.

Mimi Prober, FW 2017

Textiles dating back to 18th and 20th century

Hand patch work

The brand has firmly seen, materials that are natural, locally produced luxury fibers and natural dyed. The core of the brand that is built on preservation, weaving the past into the present and a zero-waste closed-loop system that embodies “sustainable luxury”

Locally sourced raw materials

Sustainable Bridal wear

Mimi has paved the path for the future of fashion and the world should take the lead to create a system that enhances fashion while giving back to other hands.

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