The downside of Fast Fashion

We feel compelled to share this information about the downside of Fast fashion. We have always been advocates of shopping for clothes in a quality over quantity method and building a wardrobe that will last the test of time. Investing in quality garments is not only beneficial for our planet but also our wallets in the long run. Quality garments can be continuously worn, they hold value for resale and can be passed down from generation to generation. We understand that up front cost for quality can be difficult for those on a tighter budget but there is a way to have quality garments at an affordable cost. I know some of you are reading and asking the question how is this possible? How do I pay less for better quality? The solution is simply shopping at vintage boutiques and or thrift stores located in higher economic communities where most are more likely to donate clothing to nearby thrift or vintage boutiques. We understand there are many factors and solutions to this serious problem of fast fashion production but we hope this information will continue to spread the word and start the conversation. We should all be more mindful consumers. Take a look at the above video and feel free to share your thoughts. If you are located in the Philadelphia tristate area stop by Cultured Couture Vintage or Bargan Thrift locations.

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