The Bridge

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

With New York Fashion week in full swing, I felt it was only right to appreciate what this time of the year means to those passionate about the arts in all forms. Stylists, Designers, and Fashionistas show up and show out with the finest of fabrics, best of the best shoes, scarves, and handbags. Fashion photographers make sure they have the best cameras and are on the scene to capture the moment for their blogs, social medias etc. all in the name of Fashion Style and the Arts. The energy is just amazing filled with people from all over the world with diverse backgrounds and cultures who unite, meet, greet, and exchange information in hopes of collaborating on future projects. Fashion is the bridge it can make strangers best friends, ex-best friends reunite, form lucrative partnerships, yet can cause major confusion between loved ones, all in the name of the arts. Its a language spoken that only the artistic can understand because its passion, its struggles, its unconditional love, its conflict, it can be maddening, its a fight to be respected by your peers, and the world. Often the picture is painted pretty, we post our finest New York hotel rooms, fine dining pics, clothes, handbags, pictures of the night life and runway shows. Never do we talk about what it takes to get there, how hard is was, how expensive it was, what conflict it created in our lives, how we disconnected from a love one, how we spoke fowl to a friend, how we down played the creativity of another to put ones self on a pedal stool and declare ourselves the best, how we will hurt the people we love during a collaboration gone wrong. Yes there is a dark side to the bridge but it exists to bring us together. There are times when we stray from one another but when fashion week approaches we get on the phone to talk about what we are wearing ,whats been going on with our lives, what fashion shows we are attending. There are people i must be in contact with around this time of year because they inspire me, they understand what I am passionate about ,they understand the beautiful struggle of it all and what it takes to land on that best dressed list or gain a life changing contact. The truth is miracles and misery are related and there will always be burdens with any blessing. So its foolish to think that it is all roses when we are on a journey pregnant with goals and dreams only we have no idea of the due date. So when i see collections I know the designer faced obstacles to deliver their vision all for that final showing on the runway. I salute them I salute all artists for not aborting their vision. I was very delighted by the diversity on the runway. I believe that we are all one and we can unite and create masterpieces.

Fashion is our bridge.

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