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The Becoming

So I wanna begin by asking my readers/friends a question. As a child did you ever have a dream of simply existing or was there something you wanted to do, someone you wanted to become? I believe that For most of us we wanted something big! For some reason or another life may have shifted us away from that vision. This past weekend was A dream, a vision come true for me! First of all I was followed by the legendary Kelly Cutrone on Instagram! I was blown away because sometimes our idols or people we admire seem so unreachable especially in the fashion industry. I was so grateful for her taking the time to follow me. Thee very next day I traveled to New York to attend an event held by Claire Sulmers of Fashion Bomb Daily . So as I walk up to the door I see Claire and to my surprise it's thee one only Legendary Costume Designer and Celebrity Fashion Stylist June Ambrose ! I was like wow I'm in the same room with My Autie June as I often refer to her lol. Let me just say that Claire was so fabulous, very kind, and it was an honor to meet her. She shared stories about her obstacles while building her brand that were very informative. She was also very outspoken and she dropped the F BOMB! several times which I found greatly amausing like I was conversing with a dear friend candidly. I absolutely loved it !! Auntie June tho !!!! Omg ! She was effortlessly stylish, simply stunning, and vivacious full of positive energy. She was wearing her rock mom sweat shirt yet another reason why I admire her because she is a mother as I with a huge career. I was just in such amazement that she was standing in front of me talking, laughing, taking pictures, and offering advice. I knew I had to seize the moment ! I had to talk to her I had to have that moment!! And I did ! She probably thought I was crazy but I had to tell her that she is my Aunt in my head and that I'm a huge suppotter of hers and that I've purchased and read her book "Effortless Style" like ten times. I had to tell her how much of an inspiration she has been to me while pursuing my dreams in the fashion industry. The icing on the cake was she told me how fabolous I looked and asked me what I was wearing !! I'm in my head like omg ! Autie is asking me what I'm wearing?? But I couldn't show that thought so i immediately responded . I told her that I was wearing a rare printed cape from the New Cultured Couture Vintage Cape Line. Well she loved it ! She even asked if I could get more and asked me for my business card!! See when Auntie co-signs a look it's more than a compliment I mean she has designed for and styled the Greats like Mary J. Blige, Diddy, and Jay-z. I could have screamed!!!! I told her I would cry later not now but I would later lol. I will never forget the look on her face as I told her how much she has impacted me. We also captured a few pictures on snap chat with bunny ears. I'm still in disbelief!!!! There were so many amazing women in the room all pursuing their dreams. I'm honored to have been there among them ! My life is forever changed by that moment! As if my day wasn't already eventful I met up with celebrity fashion stylist Mickey Boom for some retail therapy. We met at Saks in the Givenchy section and of course he was in full Stylist mode with loads of bags in his hands and the Celine shades to match OK! He is just one of a kind, a rare breed with a pure soul. We had the most amazing time ! I saved some pictures just to display here because I'm not loving my angle but it's such a pivotal moment that I must share. It's worth a not so flattering picture to show my friends that dreams do come true! It requires having a vision and stopping at nothing to achieve it, keeping a pure heart, and paying some dues. Yes! we all have dues that must be paid in whatever industry we choose to be apart of. I just want to close by saying how grateful I am for all of the many blessings that God has given me. Let me say I do not take anything for granted. The journey of an Empress continues..........

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