The Art of Movement - Part 2

The Macy's Experience.... A Toast To Fashion&Beauty

​A Photo that was taken during my first attendance to Fashion Week in New York City captures the essence of what the art of movement means.(will be featured soon) This became a pivotal moment for me and the Indigo Blue Brand. I was on a mission to not only enter the fashion world but to pursue a  completely different life. The art of movement gave me the push I needed to put myself out there and claim my purpose. It opened the door for more fashion&style events and networking. I showed up and  declared myself apart of the market place.


Fast Forward>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Macy's 2 Day A Toast to Fashion&Beauty Show

What an amazing experience front row at the Macy's Fashion&Beauty Show. I sipped on Chandon, dined on chocolate covered strawberries and pastries. I saw  some of the best of this seasons fashion&beauty trends come down the runway. The event was hosted by fashion blogger and reality television star Courtney Kerr. It was amazing to meet her and take pictures with her. She was immediately drawn to the Camel Cape I was draped in and i was loving her Black Suede Fringe Bootie.  Courtney did an amazing job hosting the show. Prizes were given to lucky winners which I was a recipient of. The next event at Macy's I had the opportunity to be on the Fashion Blogger's Panel where I shared tips on how to make your wardrobe look expensive. It was so great to come together with other makeup artists,fashion bloggers, hair bloggers etc. and share information. The energy in the room was amazing and I am truly grateful for this experience. Movement in the direction of your dream no matter how big or small will eventually get you all the way to your goal. Had I not went to Fashion week, stepped into the market place and aligned myself with my inner most vision none of these opportunities would have manifested in my life including this website. Its the Art of Movement that creates the energy and attracts the people and the opportunities you need to accomplish your vision. Remain true to YOUR VISION! Live the type of life you desire NOW! You DO NOT HAVE TO WAIT ! If you desire wealth live WEALTHY now on the level you are on right at the present time and you will attract wealth into your life. Go to places where wealthy people go  like a restaurant find an appetizer within your budget and attract people greet someone pay a compliment make a connection!  Learn their habits and ways of living. Wealth starts in the mind first!  KEEP MOVING!  Stay tuned for the reveal of the NYC DEBUT photo on the Blog

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