THe Art of Movement - Part 1

The Art of Movement

Indigo Blue has been on the move attending some major life changing events. It is truly an art form to multi-task as an entrepreneur. I recently had the opportunity to attend a three day conference with Iyanla Vanzant From the Hit Show Iyanla Fix my Life. It was a life changing experience. The presence of God was in the room and Iyanla gave all of herself to her attendees. She made some major break throughs with some women who were struggling with weight issues, marital issues, abandonment issues, and some who were just simply stuck in life. It was extraordinary to hear her solution to the issues women and men face daily sometimes in silence. The first day of the conference was about getting yourself together and moving on . The following days focused on forgiveness,discovering your purpose and creating your vision to name a few. I was touched when Iyanla shared her story about her journey to success. I was shocked to learn that she was formerly a lawyer and decided to quit and pursue her dreams. Iyanla stated that she just decided to walk out of her office and never return. She was so honest about how hard it was to leave her job and go after her purpose. She bared all when disclosed that she lost her home and everything she had which lead to  her living in a friends basement with her daughter.  I was very inspired by her story. I did a blog recently about being willing to go after your purpose even if it means being uncomfortable. Iyanla was wiling and now she has a television show on The OWN Network and she travels all over the world changing lives. My life is forever changed from this extraordinary experience. It came to pass in my life through my words yes my words. This experience was not planned, actually I had no idea that Iyanla would be visiting Philadelphia until the day before the conference was scheduled to begin. I was opening the refrigerator door getting out a cold bottle of water feeling frustrated about something I cant recall now and I uttered Iyanla fix my life in a joking manner not for one second thinking that being mentored by Iyanla for three days  was something that would actually come to forwishen . The next day I received an email giving details on Iyanla's 3 day conference being held Downtown  Philadelphia. I immediately thought to myself wow the power of words  and the law of attraction! In that moment I was reminded just how much one can really speak things into existence good or bad. I am so grateful for Iyanla and her mentoring I will leave you with a tip she shared that will give you peace in whatever battle you may be fighting.... STOP TRYING TO OUT GOD GOD- Iyanla Vanzant

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