• Nikita Shah

Sustainable Gifts for the holiday's

We are in the strongest year the fashion industry has seen, to be imperfect and to embrace our imperfectness. This is what makes us human. This more than anything has been seen on the forefront of the fashion industry. Come the holiday season, we all are turning to our favorite brands to select gifts for our loved ones. This year, the concept of ‘everyday life’ has been toppled and which is why the meaning and purpose of a gift matters more than ever.

Hailey Bieber in Levi's Secondhand

From Levi’s launching “Levi’s Secondhand” an e-commerce site for Levi’s jeans and jackets to Gucci’s partnership with The RealReal where the store will be stocked with consignor’s items as well as merchandise brought directly from Gucci. And so many more brands have come up with ways and means to be more mindful.

Brands like Gucci and Levi’s are at the forefront of driving the fashion industry to become more sustainable, so having them recognize the role of resale and creating a more sustainable future is really powerful. Which we need to bask in this season.

Bill Blass scarf at the indigobluestyle vintage shop

Make this season about timeless vintage pieces to sustainable gift wrapping. Make it about authenticity, intimacy and longevity which feels right for the time because it is grounding and that’s what this year needs the most. These brands have made a bridge to style and sustain.

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