Style & Wellness || The Journey To Inner Security

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

For a moment I was reluctant to share this behind the scenes footage of myself styling for a few different reasons. First I was so caught up styling the beautiful model that my attire was not my top priority. Due to the wind my hair was tossed around upside down and back again lol. As women we battle with feeling secure no matter how small, in shape, out of shape, young. or beautiful we are. We are not born knowing how to feel secure I mean everything we see on television sends us messages that we are not enough and also sends us this ridiculous idea that we should be perfect. The truth is that developing inner security is a journey we must all take. Contrary to the messages we are being sent WE ARE ENOUGH! Embrace all that is you! Be your best and if there is anything you want to change take the steps towards it. Remember that perfection is often the enemy of greatness. Let your inner beauty shine out!

I am pleased to announce that the  model for the next INDIGO BLUE Look Book will feature yours truly Keiana Armani.


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