Style is Walking In Your Truth

Style is about walking in your truth. Its about being unapologetically you and being confident. Style is about being ahead of any trends or latest fashion fad. When I styled the Indigo Blue Campaign last year I wanted it to embody the classic elegant beauty of a women. I wanted it to represent the young lady who is poise, regal, and simply stunning rare as a piece of fine art. I chose unique vintage pieces perfectly crafted by classic designers like BILLBLASS, ESCADA COUTURE, RALPH LAUREN, VERA WANG. With the wrap up of the Billboard awards I wanted to take the time to highlight the artist who embodies the definition of Poise and her style is about walking in her truth. She who is an ICON in her own right the beautiful talented RIHANNA! She brought the monsoon to the red carpet and it poured THIERRY MUGLER and MANOLO BLAHNIK! Classic beauty will always be remembered the other stuff will fade out.The above photos feature Rihanna on the red carpet/stage performance and some photos from the Indigo Blue Campaign.

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