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Updated: Feb 26, 2019

The Inspiration Behind SS/15 Look Book

In Fashion there isn't anything brand new under the sun. There are recreations with personal style twists, pattern changes, color changes, But everyone is inspired by someone or something. When I was styling for SS/15 Look book I was very inspired by HERMES RTW/11. I loved the richness of the fabrics, the color palettes and the accessories. I wanted to make a statement! I wanted women, moms included, to know that the pieces aren't just for the runway and the everyday woman can wear these looks and be just as phenomenal! I brought runway high fashion to a Park In Philly for a fraction of the price!! I'm a girl from the inner city inspired by high-fashion. I see no limits on what I can wear or believe in regardless of economic status etc. Inspiration can come from anywhere.

Who or What inspires you ? Leave your comment below

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