SS/16 Indigo Blue X Cultured Couture - The Inspiration

I am so proud of the SS/16 Look Book ! It was 1 year in the making! I had to mentally prepare and see what direction I wanted to go in. I wanted to produce a look book that was totally different from SS/15. I decided to take my time and not rush my artistry. It was really fun making it a family affair because my son got to see his mom and dad In action working styling creating ! It's so important for us to show him that living your dreams is possible ! While styling I decided to take the edge off and have a glass of wine to avoid over thinking and just allowing myself to just go for it! This photograph above is my absolute favorite from the Look Book ! I played with textures, colors, and patterns the Fendi clutch was just the right pattern to bring some neutral tones into all the bold colors. The rings and accessories just added that pop I was going for ! The look book was photographed at Culture Couture Philadelphia and creative directed by Erik Honesty . I'm always wanting to grow and push myself beyond all limits! I feel like I did the right thing by trusting my creative process and not rushing to put out a new look book. The inspiration was Hermes meets GUCCI introduced to Fendi ! I went back into the crates and studied some past campaigns and the end results was the magic. I also wanted to incorporate pops of the latest trends like the bomber jacket and the kaftan paired with oversized sunglasses. I feel so grateful to be able to create from my heart with no boundaries or limits. I believe creativity should just flow from your soul. I love that I don't have to fit into anyone's box and style without pressure to please anyone. I thank the people who understand that fashion has levels and to be remembered in this industry one must be anything but normal and true to oneself . The vision has to be birthed in your heart before your brain. Thank you to all my supporters and collaborators during this Look Book. I will leave you with an original quote "Elagance is remembered Grace is Iconic" -Keiana Armani

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