Slow Fashion for a Fast Future

How do you sleep with the knowledge that your choices are leading to demolition, deprivation and destruction?

Fast fashion is the clothing that we see on a mass level. That have been knocked off the runway and got to the market in a lighting speed. In order to make these cheap clothes on such a large scale, the supply chain, mostly in second and third world countries are neglected. While not only is the issue, the quality of clothing is so bad that after a few wears’ consumers throw them; leading to landfills and environmental hazards.

How fast fashion is made

This exact thought was the starting point for Nayoung of ELMNTL, who for a decade worked in the fast-paced industry in New York and saw the condition that the lower level of the supply chain suffers at. It bothered her to an extent that she decided to create a brand of classics that would never be out of trend.

She founded her brand of sleep and lounge comfort clothing which is 100% ethical, sustainable and technologically forward. The brand uses fabric from beech trees and executes them using 3D printing which results in no fabric wastage. Nayoung has used the perfect way to incorporate technology for a sustainable future of fashion.

Be it any walk of life, it is extremely essential about being aware of the choices we make every day. Even the things that we may think are insignificant, may affect someone in some part of the world.

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