slow down…

Everyone in New York, and most cities of the world is in a rush to get somewhere. We hardly get time to appreciate the little things around, to think on where we came from or where we are headed.

The same has been predominant in the fashion scenario. While designers, brands and consumers are getting conscious, it is not enough. The amount of fast fashion the world has seen, it is going to take an extremely huge effort to reverse the damage we have inflicted.

The fashion for peace last year at NYFW saw Mimi Prober’s presentation and I cannot get it out of my mind. Her clothing is a story which is still relevant to me today and probably will be for a longer time.

Fashion for Peace, NYFW 2018

She is one of the foremost designers I can think of who has struck the perfect cord between aesthetic, soul, old world charm and modern day relevance. Even her most simplistic designs are the richest in stories from the past, romanticized into easy garments. Handcrafted organic textiles, vintage elements and a deep thought behind each garment is what makes the wearer manifest the beauty of nature.

We need clothes that will stand the test of time, that tell a story, stories that date back and designers who bind them into today to help a person stand and stare in the ever changing world.

-Nikita S

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