Shiny, Bright, Inspiration!

I sat down in front of my lap top last night. I told myself to write a blog at that moment. I began to force a blog title and topic. I was suffering from a severe case of writer's block. I set there for about 45 minutes just staring at the screen telling myself to get started. Finally saner minds prevailed and said be honest you are uninspired, DON'T FORCE INSPIRATION!

Today I viewed the Lanvin ss/16 collection! And there it was .......SHINY, BRIGHT, INSPIRATION! Immediately my mind began to move and words were appearing. I started to vision myself in one of the looks and began to restyle it with myself in mind from my point of view. I began to think about my styling process while viewing the collection. All I could think while viewing the collection was WOW Lanvin is making a statement to stand out and for lack of better words CRASH THE JOINT! ANY JOINT! AND OWN IT GRACEFULLY.

Allow yourself to be inspired. Allow yourself to stand out from the crowd in all that you do. Most importantly be inspired that is when your potential is most fertile.

See Lanvin ss/16 for entire collection

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