Season 2 Episode 4 of the Indigo Blue Empowerment Conversations Podcast

Season 2 Episode 4 Of the Indigo Blue Empowerment Conversations hosted by Keiana Armani airs tonight at 6pm Episode 4 Features Entrepreneur/ Radio Show CEO/Host KANODADON is an Entertainment Label Owner of IV SEASON ENTERTAINMENT, former producer/artist/songwriter, CEO of IVSE PROMOTIONS, and Founder/CEO of THEVIBESHOW. THE VIBESHOW is more than just an FM syndicated radio, it is a platform used to help individuals showcase their talent and share their story


During the conversation Kano gives us a deeper glimpse into his 20+ year career and his background as a artist/producer Who has worked with Legends like Master P. With a humble and infectious energy he explains what keeps him grounded with all his success and how spirituality got him through some dark moments. Kanodadon reflects on a very personal experience that would ultimately become the driving force behind his dedication to the uplifting and empowering women.

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