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Schiaparelli: Redefining Femininity

Updated: Jan 28

Schiaparelli, Haute Couture, 2021

Hello Indigo Blue Stylers! It’s Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week and Schiaparelli and Creative Director Daniel Roseberry kicked it off with a bang! Schiaparelli, the first to show this year and let me tell you, I could not pick my jaw up off the floor.

Schiaparelli, Haute Couture, 2021

The collection blended together images of strength and femininity into a collection that shows the duality of women. The silhouettes feature different types of soft curves that could represent the delicate nature of women while the corsets and platform combat boots can be likened to the strength all women possess. I mean just take a look at the black gown with a corset that features exaggerated abdominal muscles and an oversized billowing bow, it’s a perfect example. The color palette for this collection is black, white and gold with accents of bold colors such as red, blue and pink. A classic color combo that ALWAYS makes an impact.

Schiaparelli, Haute Couture, 2021

Lastly, the accessories! They are no different than the rest of the collection. Their uniqueness perfectly accentuates the bold message Schiaparelli is conveying. Congrats to a successful show!

Schiaparelli, Haute Couture, 2021

Let is know your thoughts on the show in the comments and stay tuned for our Style e-book, coming soon!

-Solange McKenzie

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