• Solange McKenzie

Givenchy: Say "Hello" to the Antigona Soft!

Updated: Feb 10

This week we have another cause for celebration! Givenchy is celebrating the 10 year anniversary of their iconic Antigona Bag. This bag is known for its classic, yet edgy and unique architectural construction. You can get this bag in many different sizes as well as colors. So how did Givenchy decide to celebrate and honor this iconic bag? By giving it a younger sister of course! Givenchy has released a newer version called the Antigona Soft. This version holds true to the original Antigona pentagon shape but is made of a softer, smoother, leather and offers a more relaxed take on the original Antigona bag. Currently this bag comes in only 3 sizes, small, medium and large. You can also get in many different colors ranging from neutrals and black to baby pink and baby blue. You can shop both versions here.

Which version are you going with? The Original or the new one?

-Solange McKenzie

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