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Representation of our Conscience

Li Edelkoort, the Dutch trend forecaster in her latest podcast with Business of Fashion spoke in length about how coronavirus pandemic is bringing to light what is wrong with society, teaching us to slow down and to change our ways. This is something that the small percentile of the sustainable fashion enablers have been saying for a while, but the pandemic is going to bring it to place.

Li Edelkoort

In the podcast she talks about the situation after 9/11 and how the industry coped after that, and how the pandemic is similar but worse. How after this our desire will reduce, how we will want only a few knits. How the supply chain should be modified for the world to benefit commutatively.

Edelkoort talks about customer relations and how we need to go back to personalized communication with the clients, like Bergdorf Goodman did when it incepted. How the salesgirls would know what each of her client liked and would hand-pick items for them and make them feel cared.

Bergdorf Goodman

Li also goes into the realm of fashion weeks, and how we as an industry will start getting back on our feet by Spring 2021. She talks about fashion weeks being re-organized into smaller intimate versions even maybe at designers’ own ateliers and then being broadcasted virtually. The need for fashion weeks will go. Everything will become personalized and individualized.

She makes us realize that with limited resources we can create marvels and that the pandemic is an amazing grace for the planet.

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