Quilting the future

What started as a necessity in history, has become a necessity for the future. As we gloriously branch out to the sky, it is going to be unyielding if we don’t walk back to our roots.

When we usually think of handcrafted textiles, we seldom think of the united states on top of our head. I recently saw quilts, and was mesmerized by them. They are so much more patterned and intricate than the quilts I have seen back home (in India).

Patch-worked, appliquéd and umpteen patterns; these quilts bind the story of the land. Some functional, while some so elaborate that I believe it would have taken more than one generation to finish!

Using quilts on the runway was seen last year where the likes of Calvin Klein, Mimi Prober, Libertine, Rosetta Getty interpreted the quilts in different takes.

Mimi Prober

Rosetta Getty

Emily Bode is one of the designers who has been taking these vintage quilts and making them relevant today. She has been crafting primarily menswear that expresses a sentimentality for the past through the study of personal narratives and historical techniques. Modern workwear silhouettes united with female-centric traditions of quilting, mending, and appliqué shape the collections.



Each piece that Emily creates tells a story and is tailor-made in New York.

You can follow her one-of-a kind pieces and stories she narrates on instagram @bode

-Nikita S

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