• Solange McKenzie

Pyer Moss: Showcasing Black Excellence

Pyer Miss, Couture 1, 2021

This past week was a huge deal for Kerby Jean-Raymond and his brand, Pyer Moss. The show was rained out on Thursday and rescheduled for Saturday, he made a milestone being the first Black designer to present for Paris Couture Week.

Pyer Miss, Couture 1, 2021

With this honor Pyer Moss did nothing less than deliver a phenomenal show. Plus, he took this opportunity to make an impactful statement with his first couture collection. Pyer Moss has always been a pioneer brand in uplifting minority voices, especially Black voices. With this show, Pyer Moss called attention to the history and importance of Black inventions. Each look was inspired by a Black innovator and the contribution they made to our current world. Many would not know that a lot of the inventions that constantly surround us were in fact created and made by Black people. In addition to that, he also chose to hold the show at the Estate of Madame CJ Walker, another Black innovator known for her contributions to the hair care industry.

Pyer Miss, Couture 1, 2021

So while this collection did not center around wearable garments or setting trends for the up coming seasons, it was absolutely a thought provoking reflection on our history and the people who changed our lives and world.

Did you enjoy the show? Were you inspired to research the inventions highlighted in the show? Let us know in the comments!

-Solange McKenzie

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