Postive Luxury: The Butterfly Impact

What does it mean to be a butterfly?

In the fashion world that we live In today, the question is more like;

What does it mean to have the butterfly mark?

Powered by Positive Luxury, the butterfly mark is awarded to companies for excellence in the areas of innovation, social and environmental responsibility, governance and community investment. When Louis Vuitton was awarded the butterfly mark, it demonstrated that fashion can be luxurious, stylish and conscious all together. It can be a budding designer practicing this motto, or brands who have been the leaders of the fashion industry. And when brands so powerful believe and practice this, it impacts the world in more ways than we can comprehend.

It's not just LV that is striving to work to reduce water usage, recycle its textiles, or for instance designing the Horizon luggage which includes a new, lighter weight design that reduces CO2 impact by 20% per kilometer travelled. It also educates the buyer to care for each product, and encourages repairing ware and tear; which is leading to longevity of the product and clients not buying as frequently as they would.

The Louis Vuitton repair for longer use

Christian Dior apart from implementing equal pay and diversity inclusion in its employees, it has dropped its energy consumption from 14.2 MWh in 1999 to 8.6 MWh in 2003 per ton of perfume manufactured.

Parfums Dior dropping its energy consumption

While Gabriela Hearst On Earth day 2018, committed to making the business plastic free within the year. To do this, the brand adopted TIPA packaging which decomposes within 180 days in compost conditions. – returning to nature with no harmful impact on the environment. Within the year the brand replaced all plastic hangers for luxurious but biodegradable cardboard ones. Even to the extent that her first flagship store on Madison Avenue is built consciously, without synthetics or chemicals; the in-store experience showcases the brands quality, care and commitment to the planet.

The Gabriela Hearst flagship store in NYC

Kenzo Mode ensures its fabric suppliers to comply with regulations governing nitrogen dyes and the use of nickel

And the list of designers who have been making efforts to build a positive world Givenchy, Kenzo, Harlen, Bodas and so on.. go on to define what a butterfly is- to engulf the whole circle whilst being full of color and beautiful!

-Nikita Shah

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