Updated: Feb 29, 2020

The news of Barney’s filing bankruptcy, and the closure of its brick and mortar store were followed by Zac Posen announcing the end of his business operations has shook the New York Fashion Industry. Even designers like Derek Lam shifted from a high-end business to a contemporary line, Behnaz Sarafpour moved from RTW to fragrances. The business of Fashion has been garnering the demise of fashion houses and names that have shaped the industry. The list of brands and designers can go on..

Behnaz Sarafpour Fragrances

All these stories have us ask asking what went wrong with these brands that defined fashion in New York. Was it the fact that just making pretty clothes is not enough anymore, or the way it is sold in department stores is not what the consumer is looking for anymore or is it just the fact that the story that they were narrating isn’t relevant to the time today.

Barneys, New York 1923

Barneys, New York 2019

Zac Posen, Met Gala 2019

Zac Posen, Met Gala 2016

Zac Posen, Met Gala 2019

Zac Posen is embracing this end as gracefully as he graced red carpets. It takes a certain kind of courage to accept the need to shift, re-group and embark on a new journey. In business sooner or later everyone will need and should regroup and Re-align to a new purpose In the industry. To create a world that is relevant to the times today and the future.

They say it’s an end of an era. We are calling it’ the beginning of a new era. We look forward to seeing what Mr. Posen has coming in the future.  

-Nikita S

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