• Zair Thomas

Nailing the "Graphic" Eye Look

Camila Anac by Jonathan Wolpert.

As beauty and artistry collide, thus arrives graphic liner. Check out these trendy makeup looks that can range from artistic everyday wear, to high scale fashion looks. 


When it comes to any graphic look, you absolutely need to know the right products and techniques to use when attempting it. Graphic looks can involve a simple swipe of liquid shadow using only your finger, or using specific precise brushes that make for fine lines and great designs. Whichever look you're going for, do some research on what you’ll need to use to get the look you want. 


A steady hand, especially for artistry eye designs is usually necessary when working with liquid liners and eyeshadows. If you don’t have a steady hand, but you want to create fine lines, try a micro gel-pencil that glides easily. If you’re going for a monochrome, one-swipe eyeshadow look, applying liquid shadow directly to the eye, and tapping it all over, will surely give you the results you need. 

Style & Aesthetic

Be unique! There are so many ways to create a graphic eye look that there are technically, no rules to this. Be as creative as you can and don’t be afraid to go all out and be bold with your graphic eye look!

How would You Rock the Graphic Eye Look? Let us know!

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