Multi platinum star Cardi B makes headlines yet again!

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

On Monday July 29th, the Clout rapper sat down with Senator Bernie Sanders to discuss the future of America filmed on a soon to be released voter outreach video. Earlier this month, Cardi B posed a question to her 6 million plus followers asking viewers specifically “If given the chance, what question would they ask their chosen democratic candidate”? This challenge sparked various topics to be discussed during this sit-down.

The Bronx rapper has voiced her opinions in the past on how she felt the press would constantly exploit her and only cover negative publicity surrounding her, hence her latest track release, “Press”. While Cardi B does truly appreciate her fans and success, she aims to set the record straight using her platform to further push economic, racial, and social justice.

Cardi never ceases to let us down with her styling options. The rapper slayed in an aqua green Fendi asymmetrical midi dress, a matching Fendi mini peek-a-boo bag, topped off with a classic white pointed-toe Christian Louboutin pump!

Cardi B, we salute you for slaying, and continuing to cause all this conversation!!!

-Tiara B.

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