Mood! When you`re a shy Gal

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

The BAD GAL recently shared she is shy with Interview Magazine. With 9 grammy awards, 10 fragrances, a beauty & lingerie business and her new ready to wear line for LVMH who would have thought she was really shy? Rihanna also gave details about juggling her music and all her other businesses, she says its like having a bunch of kids. She is ready for her new album but notes it will not come out until it`s complete. Rihanna admits to being in love but prefers us to google who she is dating. Consider it Done! Hasaan Jameel Saudi Billionaire Business man is the lucky guy to capture the heart of our bad gal turned shy gal. Rihanna brings the interview to a close by stressing the importance of self care and taking a P Day aka Personal Day. Let us all take notes to work hard but take care ourselves just as hard.

- Keiana Armani

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