Monday Motivation: How to wear a Miniskirt

Updated: May 4


There are many new styles in fashion. One thing that has been around for a long time and still remains is the miniskirt. This is an article of clothing that is timeless and still looks attractive on any woman Of any age. Every woman should own at least one miniskirt.

A mini skirt can be wore for a lot of occasions. There is no wrong or right time to wear one even in an office environment a tweed skirt works.

Rihanna nails this red Miniskirt look, effortlessly chic and stylish.

Giovanna Battaglia

Style tip

Remember to keep it classy and in style/ you do not want to appear cheap with a red mini skirt and black fishnet stockings unless it’s Halloween

Amber Valletta

When worn the correct way any woman can look hot in a mini skirt As Amber Valletta above. These skirts can be worn with anything and still make a fashion statement. They are worn to work , out to dinner and even to special occasions. All you have to know is how to pair them with the right accessories for the right occasion.

Style tip 2

If you want to share a special occasion with some friends or family you can pair the miniskirt with a sparkling top and some simple earrings for a fresh and well put together look.

Style tip 3?

Never underestimate the power of a classy white shirt or blazer. you can dress It up with a great pair of shoes and some simple earring.

Gold hoops are always classic.

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-Keiana Armani - Creative Director/Stylist

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