Monday Motivation: How stress can ruin your waistline !

Another Monday is upon us and we are thrilled right !!!??? Well not all of all us are thrill to start the work week. However Stress has a very harmful impact on our bodies.

Research has found that our bodies produce hormones in response to stress. Specifically the hormone named cortisol, will cause your body to look for high-calorie food because it thinks it used a lot of energy handling something that was stressful. It’s kinda tricking your body into thinking it’s had a big workout, when in fact, it’s done nothing but become anxious and upset. When under a large amount of chronic stress it tells the body to keep making more cortisol. It becomes a viscous cycle. Gaining weight makes you even more stressed, so you produce more cortisol and more fattening foods.

You can reduce stress by doing several things.

  1. Get more sleep (average adult should get at least 7 hours a night)

  2. Avoid stressful items in Your sleeping area (avoid working in bed)

  3. Take 15-30 minutes during each day to meditate, close your eyes, and breathe deep

  4. Exercise will also help by giving you an outlet for the stress.

Remember we all face stressful situations throughout life however stress should never be our normal state. In stressful times remember to practice self-care and train yourself to handle stress in a positive manner. A little stress when managed properly can actually propel you forward. So breathe, rest, Always get some exercise, strategize your work day, prioritize, and love yourself.

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