Monday Motivation: Fitness History, Misconceptions, and the Future

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

It is Monday and I’m sure you’ve seen a million build a butt workouts on your social media feed throughout the weekend. Today we are going to take time to reflect on some history.

We all understand the importance of working out however let’s understand it’s origins and some common misconceptions.

Fitness Origins:

Ancient Greece is perhaps the most predominant in terms of fitness history. Some early records credit the Middle and Far East. Practices like Yoga are said to have originated in India or somewhere near by . The ancient Far East also boasts another key entry in the history of fitness: the earliest record of exercise prescribed by a doctor.

Common Fitness Misconceptions:

African American women don’t work out and women are not fitness trainers/coaches.

Before the social media era the misconception was that women of color did not engage in physical activity. The above photo captured 2 African American women at the gym during the 1950s-1960s era. This is an image most of us did not grow up seeing in the media. While google is a great tool, when the word fitness is typed in the browser most of the content is that of caucasian male images, thus Sending the wrong message to viewers. Automatically when the word Trainer is spoken the assumed identity is that of a male. Well men have surely put in work over the years however women have also. Let’s change the narrative.

Lita Lewis Trainer & Lifestyle Coach

Lita Lewis is a Fitness Trainer and Lifestyle Coach. Creator of Thick Athletics and Host of Hello Fitness TV.

Halani Lobdell Trainer & Gym Owner

Halani Lobdell is a Fitness Trainer, owner of Loft Atlanta Fitness Center and Creator of BodyNV the Luxury Active Wear Brand for women.

Brittne Babe Fitness Trainer

Brittne Babe Fitness Trainer and Lifestyle Coach. Queen of the home workouts and Creator of

Jeanette Jenkins Health Coach & Trainer

Jeanette Jenkins Health Coach & Celebrity Trainer. Over 29 years experience and Creator of Hollywood Trainer Club

It is our duty to display people from all walks of life living healthy. The next generation need to be motivated by images that they can relate to. Be sure to get 30-45 of cardio in today .

-Keiana Armani Certified Fitness Trainer

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