Monday Motivation: Building Lean Muscles

Updated: May 11

Serena Williams

Happy International Women's Day !

As women we wear many hats and we do it all so very gracefully. Though our hard work and efforts are sometimes overlooked compared to male counterparts we continue to break barriers. Women are thriving in various areas including motherhood, entrepreneurship, Corporate America, and now we occupy a seat in the White House. We are taking better care of ourselves mentally, physically, and emotionally thus leading to better results, with home /work life balance. With a tremendous amount of focus in the world, on losing weight we want to provide some tips on how one can gain weight without compromising overall health. The goal is to become the best version of ones self without the societal pressures of being skinny. This week we are focusing on building lean muscle.

What is muscle mass?

In efforts to keep it simple muscle mass is the body including skeletal muscles, smooth muscles, and cardiac muscles.

Serena Williams

Benefits of building lean muscles

Lean muscle are muscles that do not have have a lot around or within it

  • Increased metabolic rate

  • Gives the body shape- Proper nutrition and weight training will help shape the body you'll notice rounder glutes, defined arms, abs etc

  • Muscle takes up less space -thus muscle is more dense. the loss of fat weight and muscle gain can not be accurately determined by a scale. Some women may see a slight increase on the scale or no change at all due to muscle gain however inches are being lost, clothes will begin to fit better.

  • Stronger Bones

How women build muscles

  • Lift weights - heavy lifting increase weights as your body adjusts

  • Repetition /Sets - Recommended 6-12 reps 3-4 sets

  • Proper Form

  • Healthy eating- Protein is essential for repairing the muscles after training

  • Consume enough calories - Recommended 1600-2400 a day will vary based on age, height, metabolism, physical activity, consult a professional for a tailored plan that is best for you

With so many diets promising skinny results it can send a harmful message that skinny is the definition of a healthy body. Our bodies are meant to be healthy however , some will be more slender , and some will have wider hips etc. Our bodies are beautiful, they grow babies, they produce nourishment for those babies and we get to decide how we want them to appear. You define your own standard of beauty.

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