Makeup 101: Perfecting a Smoky Eye

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Hello Again!

This past Monday marked the first day of Autumn and the change of the seasons to weather pronounced with a cool, airy breeze and less-than-overbearing humidity, which is the ”burr-fect” time to get creative with your makeup look! All corny jokes aside, when you don’t have to worry about spending hours painting your face, simply to have it melt like the Wicked Witch as soon as you hit the door, the idea of applying a deeper, more edgy eye look is waaaay more appealing. And what better look to define the passing of the Autumnal Equinox than the infamous, smoky eye?

There are many beautiful versions of this daring, sultry eye look, but today we are going to travel to the definition of the edge to channel our favorite island Empress, Rihanna’s 2014 CFDA Awards, bold makeup. Yes, yes, y’all. The mysterious eye that perfectly complemented the barely-there, Adam Selman 200,000-Swarovski-crystal getup that broke the internet. We are gonna add this weapon to your makeup arsenal, Stylers!

To create this look, first and foremost, refer back to last week’s editorial on soft glam where I explain, in-depth, how to groom the brows, and beautify the rest of the face and use the steps in that post to complete makeup application on all other areas of the face. Instead of warming up the eyes with soft browns and neutral transitions like we did there, we will prime the lids with a mattifying concealer or eyeshadow base like P Louise base in a color a few shades lighter than your foundation with a fingertip, and blend it seamlessly into your lid with a densely-packed blending brush or beauty blender. Swipe a muted-orange, matte textured eyeshadow back and forth into the crease of the eye to create a smooth transition between the brow-bone and the lid. Begin to pack a dark grey-brown matte textured eyeshadow all over the eyelid of the eye, stopping at the crease, to begin to create intensity with a flat eyeshadow brush. Using the same brush you used to create crease transition, “smoke out” the dark brown lid shade by blending the color using small circular motions around the edge of the dark brown application to blend the smoky brown and orangey transition. After blending, go back and pack more color close to the upper lash area of the look, if necessary. Line the water line with a dark brown eyeshadow pencil, and use a tiny blending brush to pack the same dark brown to the bottom lash line and use another small blending brush dipped into your transition shade to “smoke out” the darkness added under the lash line. Carefully apply a coat of mascara to the bottom lashes for fullness. Add false mink lashes to the look for even more drama.

To complement the intensity of the eye, use a neutral-colored lip liner and gloss to create a sexy, barely-there lip.

You don’t have to be Rihanna to get “Loud” with your look! You can pair this devilish look with any outfit to charge it up with instant sex appeal. In honor of the fall, replace the dark grey-brown lid color with a burgundy eyeshadow, a rusty brown or even a royal blue for a rustic pop of color. Get as creative as you want, Stylers and don’t forget to set your makeup with setting spray before you head out no matter the season, especially if your stepping out to an event or planning on wearing your makeup for more than just a few hours. Otherwise, you may end up looking like Ms. Wicked Witch of the West, anyway. And pre-Halloween, that not a good look for anyone.

Until next week, Stylers...

-Angelika S. Realer

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