• Solange McKenzie

Maison Margiela: Out with the Old, In with the New

Maison Margiela, Spring-Summer 2021, co-Ed

Since this week is a huge week for manifestation, let’s talk about a collection that everyone should be manifesting into their closet!

Maison Margiela, Spring-Summer 2021, co-Ed

Galliano does it again with his direction for the Maison Margiela Spring-Summer 2021 co-Ed collection. Inspired by the world of dance, specifically tango, the mansión of Margiela creates a collection that embodies releasing the old and moving on to start anew. As stated my the brand itself, “Vigorous and intense, the dance is cathartic: releasing the spirit of the old, it inspires the lust to move on. It compels acceptance; it heralds new beginnings; it beckons change.” If Im being honest, I think we all want to begin again, after all the events of this packed year, which is why the meaning behind this collection is nothing but perfect!

Maison Margiela, Spring-Summer 2021, co-Ed

-Solange McKenzie

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