• Solange McKenzie

Louis Vuitton: Artycapucine Collection

Artycapucine, Zhao Zhao, Louis Vuitton

Earlier this week Louis Vuittion released their limited edition Art Y Capucine Collection. For this collection, Louis Vuitton selected six artist to collaborate with in order to create some unique designs for their iconic Capucine bag. The six artists chosen were Beatriz Milhazes, Liu Wei, Henry Taylor, Jean-Michel Othoneil, Josh Smith, and Zhao Zhao.

To us Indigo Blue Stylers, fashion is art, which is what makes this collection so special. It connects fashion to visual art in a literal way. Our fashion choices allow us to express ourselves in the same way visual art allows artists to express themselves. With this collection, each artist was able to transfer what makes them, unique onto the iconic Capucine bag. Beatriz Milhazes leaves her mark with her vibrant colors and geometric shapes influenced by her country, Brazil. Liu Wei transfers his geometric architectural forms onto his rendition of the bag. Henry Taylor reproduces his portrait of his friend, Noah Davis entitled 'A Young Master' on his Capucine bag. Jean-Michel Othoniel used his signiture resin beads on his version for the collection. Josh Smith painted his signature piece which spells out his name in bold colors. Lastly, Zhao Zhao created his with silk screened pieces, fit together to create a beautiful puzzle.

Artycapucine, Henry Taylor, Louis Vuitton

Make sure you take a look at the collection and comment what you think of the collection.

-Solange McKenzie