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Updated: Feb 29, 2020

In the streets of London anything goes, you can’t go wrong with your sense of fashion. London has diverse multicultural aesthetics, influencing one another with retro fashion still paving the way on the London scene and remains open and playful for new trends and styles. There are no rules, you can go from one look to the next in the space of a day. Exploring new looks and styles from being ultra-trendy and chic to alternative fashion adding beautiful vintage pieces for a statement look.

Here are a few styles that represent London.

Ivana has a free-spirited view on fashion, dressing to how she feels for the day. She loves wearing casual and comfy clothing. Her look gives off a 90’s vibe with her Dr Martens.

Holly Blake looks so stylish in her chic casual/smart look. Loving her dress paired with Dr Martens. Holly goes with the flow with her choice of fashion and styling.

Katie Rose @ktemmarose owner of That Vintage Shop loves one offs and unique pieces. She loves to play with colours and patterns. Katie’s style icon is Frida Kahlo who was a famous Mexican painter.

Yaasmeen is a personal trainer, she also studies Architecture. Yaasmeen is going for a minimalist statement piece with all black attire sporting the athleisure look. Which is trending and going strong.

With Autumn styling coming, up along with London fashion week there are main topics that are surfacing around London and will be a major topic during London fashion week is sustainability and positive fashion. The British Fashion Council launched a new project the Institute of Positive Fashion, the concept is about sustainability, equality and diversity, craftmanship and community.

Trendsetters are looking more towards slow fashion and thrifting vintage pieces, more then ever with the growing forward-thinking fashion-conscious buyers.

Stay tuned for more updates during London Fashion Week.

Addy Jay


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