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Law Roach and Zendaya: Image Architecture at its Finest

Image Architect, Law Roach and Actress, Zendaya are known for their game changing looks whenever they team up. It is always an expectation that this pair will serve us fashion!

Zendaya styled by Law Roach, Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never premier

The pair started working together when Zendaya was 14 years old. They met in Los Angeles while Law was working as a personal shopper. They connected instantly, shortly after, he took her shopping for Justin Beiber's Never Say Never premier. This meeting was the start of Law completely changing Zendaya's image. Because she was not very well known at the time, not many people wanted to dress her, but Law took a chance on her. He started off by putting her in looks that other celebrities had already worn. His goal was to get Zendaya featured in "Who wore it better?" columns in fashion magazines to raise her profile in the fashion industry.

Zendaya styled by Law Roach, 2018 MET Gala

Over their 10 year partnership, the duo have work together on all of our favorite looks from Zendaya. Together they have graced the covers of magazines like GQ and Elle, luxury brand campaigns like Valentino, red carpets and events with a cutting edge look put together. At the end of the day, their teamwork is really what helped them to thrive and become the icons they currently are. According to Law “It’s always been a collaborative effort between her and I. We always choose the things that give us goosebumps.” Everytime he styles her, his vision is to present her in different ways while also showcasing who she is to the world.

Zendaya styled by Law Roach, 87th Academy Awards

Check out some of their iconic looks below:

Zendaya styled by Law Roach, 2018 GQ Man of the Year Awards

Zendaya styled by Law Roach, ELLE magazine, 2020

Zendaya styled by Law Roach, Paris Fashion Week, 2019

What are your favorite Zendaya and Law Roach looks? Let us know in the comments.

-Solange McKenzie

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