Kesha Franklin, Founder and Owner of Halden Interiors

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Kesha Franklin, interior designer
Kesha Franklin/ Captured by Rayon Richards

Whether scrolling on Pinterest's home decor boards or viewing Instagram's design pages, every female fantasizes about their dream home and how they want it designed, decorated, or remodeled. In case you are intrigued by home renovations and interior design as much as we are, then you are in the right place. This month we are highlighting Kesha Franklin, founder, owner, and lead designer of Halden Interiors. Kesha is a talented and creative designer who is making her mark in the design world.

Kesha was captivated by the beauty and design world from her father's extensive collection of Architectural Digest and GQ Magazine. She has a background in the world of fashion where she worked as a backstage production manager and wardrobe stylist for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City. Additionally, she became a self-taught interior designer. After victories, failures, and growth in interior design, she established her New York-based design firm in 2018. Kesha has a high-profile client roster, including Colin Kapernick. Her design firm, Halden Interiors, is full-service that offers residential interior, hospitality and commercial design, design curation, and renovation and restoration.

In addition, Kesha once spoke about the diversity in the design world, and stated, "The definition of diversity means a state of being diverse, having variety; being composed of differing elements. To me, that is the essence of interior design: bringing together a mix of furnishings, colors, time periods, materials, and cultural stories of the individuals who dwell in the spaces. Our designs may represent the beauty of diversity, but as an industry, we lack variety in the representation of the many faces that create that beauty." The spaces she designs and reinvents today are exquisite and beautiful. Kesha Franklin is inspiring and motivating, particularly to women who strive to follow their dreams and passion in the design industry. Make sure you follow her on Instagram.

By Dana Angela-Alexis Miller

Home Design, Interior Design, Home Decor by Kesha Franklin
Photo Courtesy of Halden Interiors

Family Room, Living Room, Home interior by Kesha Franklin
Captured by Rayon Richards

Outdoor Interior, Home design, Renovation by Kesha Franklin
Photo Courtesy of Halden Interiors

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