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Jaquemus: Fashion In the wheat fields for Summer 2020 Collection

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Just this weekend Jaquemus held their show for their Summer 2020 Collection "L'Amour". This show included looks for both men and women, if you remember about a year ago they stated they would be showing their menswear and womenswear together in both January and June debuts. This choice is in an effort to maintain sustainability.

This show featured looks in a neutral color palette with pops of muted colors, such as sage greens and salmon pinks. This color palette seems to be a color trend for this summer. This beautiful show gave creative yet effortless summer looks that would look great on anybody. Plus, the collection is available now for pre-order.

Another Jaquemus specific trend, is the location. Again if you remember their iconic show from last year which took place in the Lavender Field of France, this years show was held in a beautiful wheat field which matched the color palette of the collection. Now what about social distancing? Well, guests were seated along the edge of the runway with spaces in between each other to maintain the safety and health of the guests.

What are your thoughts on the show? It's clear that Jaquemus is for the continuation of traditional physical shows, however, they are willing to make the show available to all by sharing it on Instagram TV. Do you think this is a route other brands will consider when producing their shows?

-Solange McKenzie

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